Wednesday WIP: New Beginnings

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This week's WIP update is all about new beginnings. I was unexpectedly kept at a client all day yesterday so I wasn't able to make it a Wednesday WIP, but these things happen: I was updating you all in spirit. Promise.

The first new beginning of the week is the new Knit & Natter group!

An EEWI-inspired group, our first Knit & Natter met last night at The Crown Pub, E3. It was a very pretty pub, with couches and large tables and candles. The hostess was anxious (knitting in public tends to do that to people) and the drinks were ridiculously overpriced (£6 for a glass of wine!), but it was a nice venue for a cosy gathering. Together we knit in the round, admired knitted boot cuffs, used giant chunky needles to make a snood for a chilly moped-rider and got a few rounds done on a pebble. There were pug puppies, chatty locals and bar snacks too.

I rather brilliantly left my glasses in my laptop bag, so I ended up with twisted yarn (subsequently cut) and a frustrated bag strap which I think I may replace with something more durable and less knitted - like leather - so I'm afraid no photos this time. Next time we'll be trying out a new venue that has better lighting.

We had a good chat about UFOs - unfinished objects, which are sort-of discarded WIPs - and confessed that we all had them. In fact, that's why I started updating a weekly Work In Progress post so that I'd be motivated to get through some of my projects.

My worst UFO is my Noni-Knitalong Ruffle Coat which I started in January this year. I have very nearly finished it (two rows left, with buttons to sew on), but I just don't like it. Not one bit. I think when we get further into winter I may wish I had a comfy purple knitted coat with pink beaded ruffled sleeves, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I do have a plan to finish one of my UFOs soon though: last night at the K&N, the lovely Julie very kindly offered me some stuffing which I'm going to use to finish up my Moroccan Cross Stitch cushion! I'm really pleased about that.

But I digress. This post is about beginnings, not endings.

The second new beginning for the week is this: I'm making up a pattern for my very favourite cross-body sling bag. It's the kind of bag that everything fits into: books, notebooks, knitting - even a (small-ish) laptop, if you feel like carrying it. It has no lining, is double-sewn around the edges, and needs to be replaced thanks to a leaky blue pen that I can't seem to get out. At least you can't see the stain. I've cut out the pattern parts, and now I just have to go about figuring which one needs to be sewn first, and at what point I put the zip in if I want to add lining (do I? Hmm).

I really like this Cathedral Window Pincushion. I made it using this free pattern when I was learning how to sew and it has been well-used in the time since then! I like how colourful it all looks with the pearly pins sticking out of it and bits of embroidery floss strewn about. Organised chaos.

And the last new beginning for this week is a quick little project I'm making on request. I'm making two sets of bunting for two very lovely little people. This one, above, is for a girl.

This set is for a boy. This fabric is from the Makower Space range which I love love love. How can you not love rockets and spaceships and robots and swirly patterns in blue?

I'm going to appliqué their names on to the front of the bunting - and then pack them up and post them all the way to Sunny South Africa. I think that this may be one WIP that is finished sooner rather than later!

By the by, I just thought I'd explain some of those photographs with a small confession. I do a lot of work on the ironing board, mostly not ironing. It is such a good height, and it is a portable, practical little cutting table for small projects. So, an ironing board of some description usually features in my crafty projects as I always photograph them where they stand rather than arranging them. And, we have a few ironing boards. Things just happened that way. Phew.

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