Wednesday WIP: Up & Away, and a little bunting

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's raining today. I have a pot of tea with me, and I'm working my way through some intensive documentation for a client. What better way to take a break than to reflect on some happy stitching from this last week? And - lo! a Wednesday WIP post on a Wednesday? My, things are getting better around here.

I've finished the mint stripe on my Up & Away balloon. I love this stripe. It's not only marks the half-way mark on the balloon (not counting the bazillion rays of sunshine that go in the background, of course), it also marks a happy deviation from the pattern which turned out exactly how I had imagined it. While stitching in my mint green, I also recklessly abandoned the dots in between each star's top point which was supposed to be done in yellow and caramel brown. I think that the green is very light, and it just stands out as it is against the pink and yellow stars. I didn't want to complicate it with dots. That also meant that I had to go back and fill in stars where I'd skipped a block for the brown, but that wasn't too bad.

Okay, not all my stitches go the same way. That's mainly due to the stop-and-start nature of the project (I'd like to think). I really like the mint against the warm cocoa brown bunting, like an Aero Mint chocolate feast for the eyes. What an excellent pairing. Ho hum.

In between my stitching, I also cut out the appliqué letters for that bunting project I mentioned. Traced, applied, cut, ironed and voila. We have names. The bunting's going to need another ironing to straighten up those edges, though.

Here's the "boy bunting". I still really like this fabric, it's very cheery. The robots look like they're doing the hokey pokey.

This is my favourite square. Once I've finished sewing up all of the squares, I'm going to stitch around the appliqué letters in a matching thread and neaten it up.

We're off to Paris next weekend. I'm beside myself with excitement.

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  1. Your cross stitch is coming along beautifully.

  2. Thank you! It's slow work, but so rewarding :)


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