Rosebud Madeleines

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've been looking for a madeleine tin for the last six months, since I first happened upon Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess. She has a recipe for 'rosebud madeleines' which are beautiful little dainty baked goods that are the sugar-coated lace doilies of the baking world. So, you'd think that it would be fairly easy to happen upon a madeleine tin in London - the land of the baked goods, really - but oh no, that won't do at all. John Lewis, you might think. No, they've been sold out for the last six months. Robert Dyas, perhaps? No, they don't stock those - although the rest of the baking tins are on a 'buy one get one free deal', does that help? Marks and Spencer? Selfridges? No, and no again. If you want a madeleine tin, it seems, you have to resort to the internet. But that's sooo expensive, and so full of inferior baking tins and silicon whats-its.

Or, maybe, just maybe - Bath.

Because Bath has the most amazing store in the world: Kitchens. We discovered it last year as we were walking around the beautiful streets and shopping arcades. And, as a back-up plan, they also have a Lakeland store with two levels. And we all know what that means.

It means that I'm the delighted owner of a Faringdon Madeleine Tin (which I had to travel 206km to find). It also means that after much moping, I've finally whipped together a batch of Rosebud Madeleine batter.

I'm a messy baker, but it makes the baked goods taste better, I promise.

And you know what? They came out beautifully.

They're light and spongy and dusted with icing sugar magic. They're flavoured with rosewater essence which is light and fragrant and particularly nice with coffee (surprisingly), but I think they'd be considerably nicer with orange or lemon zest, or a thick vanilla extract. (G says the rosebud madeleines smell like potpourri, not terribly flattering!)

They're beautiful baked goods, I'm rather pleased I happened upon them. Here's another picture in case you wanted a second look. Just in case. I thought that the madeleine tin was going to be a whim purchase, something I wouldn't use that often, but they're so quick and easy to make that I think I'll happily bake these fairly often. Besides, they're particularly good for using up the leftover ingredients with the largest quantities of ingredients weighing in at 1egg, 50g of butter, 40g of sugar and 45g of flour! Recipe here.

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