Baked goods and London braais

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally, after a year and a half, we bought a braai. It's a gas braai, but it's still a braai and not (gasp of horror) a barbeque.

It's right at home on our balcony where it now lives with our table and chairs, and some solar-powered animal lamps (another story for another blog post, methinks).

It's going to get a lot of good use! See how pleased G is? He's even planning ahead to 'snow braais'. We've had a very South African weekend: yesterday we went to a market where we got steak and wors from a farm stall, and we joined Gareth and Nicole (and friends) for Gareth's birthday dinner at Spur. I had a Goodie Burger, G had Ribs and Wings with Castle Lager. It's also the first time we went out for dinner when I didn't photograph absolutely every dish that arrived at the table. 

Anyway, I baked bread rolls in preparation for our first braai in London. I have been a bit miserable so not much baking happening: a week's holiday with family in Oxfordshire is enough to lift the spirits and get the Kenwood mixing :)

I baked a single batch of white bread dough (using warmed milk instead of water) and then separated the risen loaf dough into 12 smaller balls which I then shaped into batons, rounds and plaits. They're now beautifully baked and in a pile in the kitchen and G has been helping himself. (*Note to self: make sure new tenant likes baked goods) 

Here's a close-up of the deliciousness. YUM. 

And here's another close-up of a seeded plaited baton (kind of like a miniature seeded challah), just in case you wanted to see. 

All of our neighbours are thoroughly confused: we braaied potatoes in foil, sausages and steak (already confusing for Londoners because they barbeque burger patties and that's that), played Jimi Hendrix from inside the lounge and sat outside on the balcony sipping strawberry cider and Guinness whilst wrapped up in polar fleece jackets. They watched us enviously from between closed blinds behind closed glass doors. We'll invite them around next time.  

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