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Sunday, March 27, 2011

As I mentioned before, things are changing. I'm going to shift back to freelance work for a while as we sort out our wedding plans and whatnots, and get everything a bit more organised so that we're more normal and less frantic, less panicky and generally less out of sorts. So, I've finally got around to getting Bakercourt business cards printed: blogger, writer, occasional baker. 

I wanted something delightfully light-hearted that was at once a business card and not a business card. Something that people would pocket and keep because it was nice, not just because it was informative and contained my personal particulars. So, I opted for Moo Mini Cards which are particularly pretty with their slimline design and many, many beautiful designs.

You can pick your favourites from their designs, or upload your own. 

... and then you have the front printed with your preferred design, or your typed-in-template particulars. Right-o, I'm not selling them, really. I'm just pleased as punch with the way they turned out! On the plus side, @JohnnyLondon1 mentioned that they are brilliant because they're like trading cards. He couldn't decide which design he liked best so he took four to show all his friends. Business Card Win.  

Best of all, I got this little gizmo which is a neat and nifty mini card holder. Yes, I was a victim of the up-sell at checkout, but I'm really glad I clicked through to see what it was all about...

Ta da! Next up, new website design for ye olde Baker Court. Watch This Space.

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  1. Hi Stacey! Many thanks for the kind comment you left me! This is an amazing blog....I love baking too but not up to your standards, I'm afraid. Your food looks amazing! xx
    PS My dad lives in SA and it is absolutely one of my favourite places to visit! xx

  2. Hi Andrea :) Thanks for checking in! It's so funny, I was thinking how amazing your 'Coffee and Walnut Cake' looks and how I could never do something as impressive as that... :D Well, we'll have to swap recipes I'm sure. Lovely to meet you, xX

  3. Wow, i love your site. your lay out is amazing.


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