Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I think I've been crocheting the Solar System CAL (crochetalong) forever. Far longer than space, and time. Far longer than expected. In the beginning, there was nothing. And then BAM! We had a sun. Cute. Then it grew and grew with void space and orbits - bigger, and bigger. Each new pattern portion was released weekly on a Friday and I raced through each week's void space to get there.

But I got a bit bored doing rounds and rounds and rounds of blue. It's not that the pattern is boring or the results aren't satisfying (erm) - it's just a lot of the same. And my blanket got bigger and bigger and bigger and then I ran out of yarn. It was annoying. I checked online and lots of other CALers had the same problem. I ordered some more which seem to take forever. Next week is the last instalment of the CAL but I've still got seven more rows of void space to do (the blue bits) and each row takes about an hour because it's the gosh darn biggest blanket in the world. Still, the kids love it. I draped it over a chair for a photo and they both claimed it for their own. Isla does a jolly good job of looking stylish while doing it, I couldn't resist a quick pic (and I do mean quick, she  moves at warp speed!).

I am looking forward to catching up and doing the planets and all of the other sciencey appliques which will give this blankie a whole lot of space pop, but it does seem an awfully long way off. I do a little bit every now and then, but only get about half a row around before I get distracted by something else like oooh was that the kettle boiling? It must be tea time already...

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