Happy Everything!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's a particularly festive week here, what with Father's Day (today) and my birthday later this week (Wednesday). I made a cheerful banner to string across the wall in the dining room - happy everything!

We made dad a card and a keyring for Father's Day. I really love this keyring - it was a collaborative art effort, with stamped polymer clay that was baked (and anxiously watched by an impatient toddler), finger painted on the reverse (more gold mommy, daddy needs gold) and then sealed with a million coats of plasti-kote gloss.

I also painted a tiny laser-cut rocket and star to match the card design which is of course an upside-down footprint in red, just like a rocket. More stars mommy, we need more stars. It's a rocket! Yay! She chose the rocket, and the red. Good girl.

Here it is on its side so that you can actually see the foot part. And the rocket part. We had a lot of fun making this card; I had all the wet wipes in the world ready on-hand for clean-ups and there was much ridiculous screechy delight on Isla's part. She finger painted the stars and flames too.

We even decorated the envelope with stamps. My turn, mommy. This girl has such opinions. I really, really love these stamps. The big bold ones are from Lora Bailora's "Packaging", and the speech bubble with scripty whatnot is from Lawn Fawn's "Love Letters". We got a bit carried away. It's such hard work keeping a little person focused on the task at hand when there are so many other temptations. Ooh, what's this mama? Is it mine?

We did it, though. And dad was delighted.

And so - to you - happy everything, wherever you are.

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