Hoppy Easter! Spring time makes

Thursday, April 13, 2017

We are experiencing our first proper school holidays. School's closed for Easter Holidays (or Pesach in our house) so we have been doing lots and lots and lots of spring crafts. Bunny pom poms, bunting, daffodil flowers, colouring, baking, making, cardboard crafts, more colouring, and occasionally a little bit of me-time with crochet. 

This is going to be a spring wreath, an abundance of crochet flowers and knitted vegetables. I'm making them up, pinning them in place, and going back for more brightly coloured bits and bobs to fill in the gaps. I'm aiming to fill a third of the wreath so there is still some quiet space around the top.

I had every intention of getting this finished before Easter but it hasn't happened. Instead, there are knitted lavender sprigs on my dining room table, crochet leaves draped over chairs here and there, and bunches of pink and purple yarn in clutches hidden under cushions. Such is life when you craft around a toddler and a newly-mobile baby.

We are going to have a choccy egg hunt on Saturday which the small people are thoroughly and excitedly looking forward to. 

Have you got the balloons, mama? Isla asks. Yes darling. 
Have you got the wrapping paper, mama? All parties mean wrapping paper, it seems. Even teeny tiny mini neighbourhood get-togethers. 

In between all of this enthusiastic eastering, we have also been doing a bit of DIY and redecorating. Our dining room has had the artex removed (hurray!) and has been replastered and painted. Out with the brown, in the with the sage green ("botanical beauty") and the delicate cream ("candlelight" - oh how I LOVE paint names). We've scraped off about sixty years of wall paper in the front room and it too has been replastered. It's going to be a lovely combination of magic touch and basalt. That's pale grey and dark blue to the rest of us. The plasterer will be visiting us again for redoing the hallway and landing. It's all very exciting. Pictures soon, promise.

There is so much to show and tell! We have been making, building, gardening, fixing and generally DIYing with reckless abandon. It is wonderful. Spring has such glorious energy. 

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