A little under the weather

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I've not been very well. My gall bladder, it seems, does not like me very much these days. I've been in and out of the GPs office since October, and (after a trip to A&E and a day in the ward) have finally been scheduled for emergency gall bladder removal surgery which will be in the next few weeks. It's all very scary, but I think it will be infinitely better than the alternative which has left me too scared to eat, and completely immobile for bursts of time with an alarming number of painkillers.

I did learn that a sick bowl from the emergency ward looks exactly like an upside-down bowler hat. Thank goodness for 2 year olds and boundless imagination.

All this to-and-fro between home and hosptail wards does make me wonder. what's the gall bladder for anyway? I mean, I know what it does. But how can we function perfectly fine without it? A friend of mine told me that it gets treated in Chinese Medicine whether it is present or not, and I've met a number of people who have had it removed and are just fine afterwards. What happens next? I've read up a lot about it on the internet and have asked the consultants but there isn't an awful lot of information. Maybe I'm just worrying too much about the details, but it does seem like rather a big deal. The consultant surgeon told me that there was no other alternative for my particular situation.

Ah well. The weather has been up and down, snowing and sleeting and frosty. It has been rather lovely being bundled up indoors, and I'm so grateful to my two little troopers keeping me entertained and on my toes. And of course to Graeme, who reminds me regularly to drink water and comes running with nappies, wipes, painkillers, toys. Thank goodness. 

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