Happy New Year

Monday, January 02, 2017

Hello, January. You came along really quickly. We've had a magical journey on the way here - markets, soap, essential oils wafting through the hallways, unexpected marquees, craft events, last-minute flyer design and printing, business networking, thermals, cold wintery market days, packaging packaging packaging packaging packaging packaging, and then suddenly : Christmas.

We were lucky. A very large family group descended upon us in Southend-on-Sea for roasted dinner and a few overnight stays. They swept through our home with joyous festivities and enthusiasm, we had a brief visit to the beach to pick up seashells, and we saved our found treasures in pockets stuffed with tissues and handwarmers. It's freezing cold here, with ice covering the roads and a frost in the air. It's not quite snowing, but we had a chilly festive season nonetheless.

It feels as if just yesterday we were doing our first craft market, and - in this imaginary timeline - the week after that it was Christmas. Now, it's January and I'm still playing catch up. Somewhere along the way we lost four months. Still, I'd rather be here, taking a quiet moment out of a very busy day now that the kids have finally fallen asleep. I know I have a good half hour until Finnlay wakes up again - as he does every hour throughout the day and night - and breathe while Rick Stein, on the TV, dreaming up glorious foodie getaways to the cobbled roads of Bordeaux. It's busy, but it's marvelous.

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