Carousel CAL (and glitter dinosaurs)

Monday, September 19, 2016

It's been a dark and stormy week, and I've tried my best to avoid all sensible things and responsibilities, opting instead for toddler crafts and crochet. We've been very productive around the house with grown-up DIY things but I do love these colourful moments filled with glitter and googly eyes.

The Stylecraft Carousel CAL started last week and I had to put aside my Frida's Flowers to catch up on the first installment of the carousel. The colours are so out of my comfort zone but I really, really like them. I especially like the mustard colour.

I did wonder (more than once) whether Sue Pinner the designer was in fact playing "yarn chicken" with her colour choices, choosing each one at random as she put together the motif. In the end, I'm rather pleased with it. I ought to be bolder with my colour combinations methinks.

Dinosaurs, did you know, are best decorated with glitter and sequins. Lovely.

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