Mini Milo

Friday, February 12, 2016

I've been worrying in anticipation of The Boy Baby arriving in about 10 weeks. 10 weeks. That's practically tomorrow. Minor panic. What will he wear? Gasp, I haven't made him a special toy/blanket/other hand-made item that I seem to think is of the highest importance. What kind of a maker mommy am I? (Yes, these concerns are filled with rational reasoning. Can you tell?)

And so.

Here's my latest knit, a mini Milo Vest (ravelled here), knitted in newborn size in Elle Baby yarn.

I really like the solid pale grey-blue colour and chunky cable. There's something very "proper" about this miniature vest - like a little waistcoat, I'm sure it ought to be paired with a tiny flatcap and a bowtie.

While I love this pattern (it is so quick and easy to knit), I really, really don't like this yarn. It is incredibly unforgiving and shows up every bump, tension change and irregular stitch that happens when you're a real person knitting and not a machine. #justsaying

I steam blocked the vest, which seemed to iron out a lot of the niggles. If you look at the top left strap, you can see where two DPNs joined for knitting in the round, and again above the left-hand-side of the cable pattern. No amount of steam blocking will remove that! I'm going to claim "handmade" as my excuse.

It is, however, lovely and soft and I'm sure will be just like wearing a soft snuggly blanket.

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