The Geranium Dress

Monday, March 30, 2015

The whole of blogland is awash with talk of Geraniums -- the dressy kind from blogger Rae of Made By Rae Fame. Geranium is a super-cute and beautifully-fitting pattern for a little girl's dress.

I couldn't not make one. Or at least try. I have made Rae's patterns before and they are so easy to follow and offer a beautiful fit - and this one is only $10, covering sizes 0 to 5T. It's a basic dress bodice and skirt with sleeve variations that you can mix and match to create a zillion dresses for your (*ahem* your daughter's) wardrobe. Isla's already wearing the next size up so I made the  6-12m version.

This little girl is very impressed.
LOOK AT THAT FACE. Aw. There is porridge everywhere, even after I cleaned her all up.

I made a sleeveless View A dress (there are two views, with multiple options to accessorise. Love!).  I made the bodice out of Fabric Freedom Petit Fleur FF27-02 (grey background with pink, mustard and white ferns), and I made the bodice lining and skirt out of a contrasting solid lavender. Both fabrics are from Stitch.

The buttons are from my stash, and just happen to be all matchy-matchy. I have a giant bag of buttons and I pull out handfuls at a time to find some that are the same size (I don't subscribe to the school of thought that believes in matching buttons on a garment), so it was really just kismet that these three happened to be in successive handfuls and were the size I was looking for. 

Can you believe these are my first ever buttonholes in the history of ever? I know. Zips? No problemo. Buttonholes? Excuse me while I hyperventilate about sewing and ripping into my already-constructed garment. 

This pattern is AMAZING and EASY and ALL THINGS WONDERFUL. I really don't like that fastening the buttons makes the skirt cross over a little at the back, but a button placket or a zip would fix that, and is really just an aesthetic preference. The gathered skirt and moving baby do hide the cross-over nicely. 

Easy Sewing Win.

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