Hello Sunshine!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everything seems so much more manageable now that the sun is shining and there are daisies underfoot.

There have been slow summery walks through parks. 

Lazy admiration for growth and colour and green

Walks through places we've never visited, just to find bursts of colour.

Real honest-to-goodness ice creams from the ice-cream man's van. (I had an ice lolly. With Strawberry and Lime and Pineapple. Yep.)

And there has been some indoor progress too.

It took me a while, but I finally measured, cut, pieced and pressed the quilt front for The Animal Alphabet Quilt. I only had 2m of white cotton, despite the instructions saying that I needed 2.9m, but it all worked out just fine with a small piece to spare. I drew a diagram, checked my maths twice, and just went for it. 

You have to measure, press and mark out intersecting grid lines for the animal applique pieces (goodness gracious) but if you just follow the instructions slowly and go bit by bit, it all comes together. 

And I'm most proud of this: I've stuck down the first row of animals and letters, A to E. We have alligators, butterflies, chickens, dinosaurs and elephants. As you do. 

Next up, Fish to Kangaroos. 

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