And then there were three

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I'm sorry I disappeared. I had a good reason though, I was sick. Yuck-I-can't-get-out-of-bed sick. I-feel-like-I-have-permanent-food-poisoning sick. Spend-two-weeks-of-not-getting-up sick.

Also known as morning sickness.

Whoever came up with that name was silly indeed. It lasts all day! And all night! And then it's back again in the morning, if you were able to get any sleep at all. You can't get up. You can't go out. You can't think about chocolate cakes (gasp!) or cups of tea (no!).

So yes: we're having a baby! It's all terribly exciting. Right now, I'm spending a lot of time hiding under the covers and not going out. I haven't knit a single stitch in two months. I haven't sewn, or stuck, or stitched, or glued, or sequinned, or baked, or eaten grown up food in two months. My diet consists mainly of Rich Tea Biscuits (a bit like marie biscuits for those of you in South Africa) and bottled water. Occasionally I have a whole meal - but it's a rare treat. It feels like my greatest accomplishment each week is getting up and getting dressed.

I've got it bad. Although, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I am 14 weeks now, so it should be passing. In fact, I'm sitting here (in bed) typing this, which means I must be feeling better, ipso facto. I've been reading endless reams of Neil Gaiman and China Mievelle, which makes the good days fly by. I have dreams of knitting little cotton rabbits and making baby quilts. I long to finish the two lovely quilts sitting on my sewing table. One day, I will get out of bed and make myself some clothes that fit properly.

But for now.

For now I'll sit in bed with my biscuits. I'll watch re-runs of crime TV (currently Castle) and I'll hope for better days. For now I'll try to make it through the Short Fictions & Wonders accumulating in piles of library books next to my bed. I'll tentatively try out new things - a shortcake biscuit next week perhaps, instead of the Rich Tea.

Watch this space, as they say. Overload of baby crafting coming soon.

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