Gratitude Journal, Day Twenty Eight

Monday, November 04, 2013

Sometimes, the most special and wonderful things in life are just moments. Today, I am grateful for these tiny little glimpses of why it's all worthwhile.

The day is frantic, the postman is grumpy, there is a queue. Oo's next? The lady in front of me isn't paying attention because she's sending a text on her mobile phone. The man in front of her is tapping his foot impatiently -- he took my parking space too. They all think this is a service they deserve, simply by being post recipients. We are all here to collect parcels that we missed, or in my case, were too big to deliver. Incidentally, the too-big box was enormous and cumbersome. Thank goodness I came by car today. Inside, a thin A4 cake board for a birthday cake I'm making this weekend. The box cost more than the cake board, I'm sure of it.

The queue is getting longer, we only have thirty minutes until they shut for the day and the last ones will have to turn around, red postal card in hand, unfulfilled.

All I want to do is ring the bell and laugh.

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