Wednesday WIP: Garden Party Quilt

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's been a while since I last had a project to post about in my Wednesday WIP series! With so many new things on the go, there hasn't been a lot of works in progress. Must. Finish. Something.

This past week I managed to find a little time to finally finish stitching on the binding to my Garden Party Quilt.

It looks as cheery as ever. The corners aren't perfect at all, but the binding on the sides is looking great. I'm really pleased with the fabric I chose to bind it with (the darker green fabric with cream, brown and yellow leaves) as this seems to bring all the quilt colours together. It really does look like a garden party now.

I've still got lots of threads to weave in. I'm slowly making my way around the quilt, stitching in loose threads and cutting off ends. 

The previous photos were taken in the "far-too-early morning" light, - the colours are actually a lot softer in daylight! When not neatly folded up on a chair, this quilt (although not finished) is already in-use as a TV quilt for snuggling. Has anyone else noticed that the temperatures have dropped and it looks like there's a second winter on the way?

And - my first ever quilt label. I saw this funny little design in an issue of CrossStitcher and knew that it was perfect, straight away. I used a Helen Phillips alphabet for the quilt title, date and my name. 

I really like that little bird, and the sketchy outlines on the watering can! It makes me laugh a little bit every time I see it. I'm going to turn the edges over and stitch it on to the back of the quilt when I'm finally done. 

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