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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I finally bought an iPad cover. Now I can go out into public and actually use my iPad without the constant fear that it is going to get dropped/scratched/smudged/swapped-with-somebody-else's! Excellent, we've made progress.

Want to see?

Well, I'm quite pleased. It's a Griffin Elan Passport cover, and it's just about the neatest little black notebook cover ever. It's lined with a lovely suede that removes all the dirt from the iPad screen, and it has lots of space for business cards and other things that make it look very professional and functional. Now, when I use it on the train I'll look like everyone else who is getting their presentations together for meetings and they'll never suspect that I'm catching up on Jane Austen or doing a crossword puzzle. Ho hum. 

I really really want this one:

Except at £19.99, it doesn't really protect the actual screen which means that someone as absent-minded as me will definitely need to get a screen protector or an additional cover. Plus, it's really brightly coloured and I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet. 


The whole iPad thing has finally grown on me. It's an exceptionally convenient way to carry a book around without actually carrying a book, and it also just so happens to be a permanent crossword puzzle, twitter deck, internet browser, recipe book and notebook all in one. 

This is what I'm reading at the moment:
I like the way it looks like a real book (you turn the pages by swiping or tapping the corners of the pages, which then turn like an animated page-turn modelled on real book turning. Oh to think how long they sat and analysed page turning!). You can set the brightness levels, the colour of the pages (I opt for sepia, as you can see), your bookmark (a lovely red satin ribbon), zoooooom levels, font sizes, and more. It doesn't compare to a real book, of course, but it is certainly nicer to read when you're on the go and you only have space in your bag for one book item. 

Also, you get access to apps

Now, as a rule, apps offend me. I want the iPad to be the end in itself, not a means to the app end. I don't want it to be a game console or a photo-editing studio. I want a neat book reader, a nice image displayer, an easy-to-use notebook - that's not so difficult, is it? I want it to be convenient. I want it to add value. I really don't need your Angry Birds application, your USB stick application or your odd animated apps that don't have a purpose. No, thank you.

And then. 


Then I discovered the app to end all apps. 

The British Library Treasures HD app. Twitter was all abuzz when this app was launched, and given my incessant curiosity, I had to look it up. A mere £3.49, the Treasures app gives you access to some of the most exquisite rarities in the British Library collection.

Let's keep to the Jane Austen theme, shall we?
This is, of course, Ms Austen. This is a screenshot from my iPad of her portrait. And, it being an iPad, you can zoom. 
Ms Austen's eye, up close, iPad screen size. 

And here is a page out of one of her manuscripts:
Not yet convinced? 

How about a page out of Galilleo's manuscript?
The Treasures app comes with an entire library to navigate! You can read, watch, listen, and look your way through most of the treasures on the app. I may be converted. 

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