Fa-La-la-la-laaaa la-laaa-la-la.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I haven't been posting because I've been working. I've been working, and worrying about work, and worrying about worrying about work. And so, it took a force majeure to bring everything to a stop; the powder sugar-dusting, glittery frosting that coated the world in coldness!

It's been snowing for about three days now. It started off with teeny, tiny powdery flakes that drift downwards. They swirl around as the winds pick them up, and float easily together to form chunky clusters that gather weight. When these clusters land, they glitter spectacularly on everything and give it that beautiful newly-dusted cake appearance.

The cars, having slept out overnight, are typically covered in a thick layer of chunky snow that ices up over the windows and bonnets. As you can see in the picture above, the sidewalk blends into the side-gardens, which is easy to confuse with pavement... it's only a few steps away from waking up in the morning and losing your car under the thick ice blanket!

This is a restaurant near work, El Faro. The restaurant is seldom open but it's a lovely building. I really like the way that the whole building has been lightly dusted with sugar coating. Mm.

And here's the Pepper, one of our favourite pubs in London. I love how rugged and typically 'Docklands' it looks here. The whole place lights up in an array of greens and yellows when the night falls, and the interior is delightfully decorated to look like a chic sitting room or games room. (You can see the interior in photographs in this post.)

It snows so much, and G and I both delight in jumping in giant mountains of powdery dust which explodes up and crunches underfoot as it compacts together. It's only the children who don't look at us like we're mad.

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