Hello, 2016

Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year! Did you have a magical farewell to 2015, and a cheerful wave hello to 2016? Oh I do hope so.

Here's Isla, waving at Granny on skype while wearing her festive headgear and pyjamas. As you do. "Christmas" was a wonderful week in our house: we were off work, all together. We stayed in bed late every day, we ate breakfast in pyjamas, we indulged in mince pies and went on walks to the park. We ignored the email alerts on our phones and didn't think about work. We ventured out to family and friends and ate many, many helpings of roast potatoes.

This is the first year we didn't go away to a country cottage or an escape from the city. Because this year, we also had other things happening.

We very nearly bought a house. I say "very nearly" because there are these awful property laws here in the UK that allow a seller to accept another offer on their property, despite already accepting YOUR offer some weeks before. We were all set: we had surveyors and solicitors, renovation plans and kitchen quotes. And then, quite suddenly, we didn't.

We almost bought a second house but were outbid at the very last second. 

It's all rather emotionally draining. 

On the other side of the emotional balance scale, we had some good news. We are going to have another baby. A boy baby. In just a few months. We found out that Baby Two (planned and expected) is in fact a lovely healthy boy in the making just last week, so it's quite exciting. I've been sorting through baby clothes to see what will be suitable to re-use, and to see what else is just too pink. How much pink is acceptable for second-time-around?

And then, for a bit of me time:

My first cast-on for 2016. This is going to be a Milo Vest for the ridiculously lovely Isla. Everything is better with a cup of tea and some late-night knitting methinks.

Sometimes, when everything is getting all a bit too serious, it helps to put things into perspective. 

Happy 2016, all x

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  1. A boy! A boy! What does Isla think about that?
    Sorry to hear about the palaver with the house. Don't fret. The right house will find you.

    1. Isla is delighted - she loves babies, and loves friends. She thinks everyone is there to play with her :) xx

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