Nougat, nougat, nougat.

Monday, September 23, 2013

EVERYTHING is better with nougat.

Huge, giant slabs of it. Cut into itty bitty bite-sized pieces. Om nom.

And so, that was yesterday. I made nougat, with pistachios and almonds - lightly roasted, gently chopped. Whipped sugar syrup that forms boiled sweets if you drop bits on a plate to check the soft-crack stage. A giant, foaming nougat base in your Kenwood Mixture that really can't get any bigger, can it? Rice paper. Which shouldn't be as delicious as it is. Is it just me?

I know. It's an awful lot of nougat. What am I going to do with it all? 

I have been meaning to make nougat for ages, and wanted to do a test-run in advance of Christmas. If you usually get Christmas gifts from me, there are no surprises about what's coming your way later this year! 

I used Adeline and Lumiere's nougat recipe which is fabulous and works brilliantly. Next time, I'm using stronger, more distinctive honey. And next time, I'll make sure that I have plenty of cellophane and ribbon for wrapping. Because, really, a jar of nougat on the kitchen counter next to the kettle is just asking for trouble. Mm, snacks.

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