Knitty Squid: Done

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This week has had lots of ups and downs, but we're very nearly at Friday already which is a good thing. Work can wait over the weekend. This is my new mantra, it's rather liberating for someone used to working 8 - 8, 7 days a week! But, all things in moderation. Even chocolate. And knitting.

And so, after lots of evenings filled with just one more row before bed, I've finished the squid which went from "baby" to "giant" to "does this ever end?" to "colossal". Decidedly colossal. He (?) now lives on my bookshelf, between my filing-that-is-waiting-to-be-done and my paintbrushes. A good spot.

Oh, it's not that big. 53cm. How funny that the colours change as the sun rises and peeps in through the windows. 

It's knit and natter night tonight (details here for anyone in East London - or within traveling distance!) and I haven't got anything on my needles. Uh oh. I've ordered a knitty book from the library, but it's not here yet. Perhaps it's time to start stockpiling on baby gifts for the oodles of babies due in February - another set of twins, some far-away little ones, somebody else having boys. Boys. Notoriously difficult knitty recipients. 

Once more unto the breach, it seems.

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  1. Replies
    1. It's the right time of year to be knitting hats! An excellent friend of mine is making a woolly hat with a camper van on top instead of a pom pom, such creativity :)

  2. hi Stacey!
    Long time did not come here, are you okay?
    Loved their calamari! I like a lot of marine animals!
    You sew clothes? beautiful your shirt! I also sew shirts, and have a serger, I gained my husband's birthday in March, also love my serger, the Singer mine is very practical.
    A huge kiss to you!
    Hugs Pri

  3. He looks so...what is it exactly? Surprised to be here, I think.

    1. Yes - funny how they gain such personality (and expressions) from oversized safety eyes. Reminds me of Build-a-Bear where you need to put a heart into the stuffing and wish it well on its way with a kind of blessing :)


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