Wednesday WIPs & Christmas Market

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This week I've been doing some intensive crafting for the Christmas Market. Many of my WIPS became finished projects (hurray!) and I sewed, stitched, folded, pressed, ironed, labelled, packaged and tagged. I decided that I would double my efforts for the market because anything that's left over is going to go straight towards stocking my Etsy shop which is due to be opened next week. These are exciting times at bakercourt!

This is my market stall. The table was a bit smaller than what I was expecting (can you tell?) but it was described by all as a "treasure trove" filled with lovely things. 

I had tea cosies and fabric envelopes (pouches, in front), buttons and bobbins and hanging wooden hearts. I also had chalkboards, hair clip roses, felt cupcakes, giant ric rac and lavender/buckwheat heating packs. I was generous with the lavender in the heating packs so everything had a really good smell! I also had Miriam's Mum's Whisky Marmalade, and Elizabeth's lovely Christmas Cakes on my table. 

I particularly loved the twinkling fairy lights that Julie of Kip&Fig lent me for the night - aren't they grand? As you can tell, this is the view from behind the stall. 

There were so many great stalls to look through with lots of chats to have (and mince pies to eat). I even found a few minutes to zip over to The Violet Iris and Girl With Beads for some festive goodies. Plus, I had the added benefit of buying one of Elizabeth's amazing Swedish Hearts at the U-Turn charity stall:

Complete with gifts (top left) and badges from Violet Iris (bottom right). All in all, a lovely, successful market. Tonight is the last Knit & Natter for the year and I plan to cast on for a pair of chunky mittens. I'm looking forward to crafting something for myself!

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