Christmas Crafting

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Market is almost upon us, we've been crafting.

We had a little East End Women's Institute gathering to make up Christmas goodies. We cut and sewed and stuffed and ribboned and threaded and decorated a collection of Christmas decorations and lavender bags to sell for U-Turn.

There was also home-made soup with crusty bread, a snuggly kitty, and a lot of lavender. Mm.

This is Polly, also known as Radiator Cat. She's squeezed herself in next to the radiator with her legs snugly fitting in the gaps for extra warmth. It has been quite chilly here. 

At home, my dining room table (along with any other once-clear space) has been converted into a craft workshop. There are a lot of buttons, a lot of bits and bobs, and more piles of "organised chaos" than you can shake a leg at. It's all very colourful and inspiring and wonderful.

Just two days more. Then my table turns back into a pumpkin and Cinders has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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