Treasures from Anne & Cath Kidston Stitch!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little while ago my dearest friend Anne sent me a box of treasures, and I think now's a good time to share them with you.

Just in time for Easter, my treasures were a delightful collection of colourful, friendly items that instantly made me smile as I opened up the box (not knowing at all what was to be found inside!).

As usual, she really went to town. These treasures are beautiful, and join my existing collection of treasures that I keep safe and sound away from prying fingers. (Unfortunately the edible treasures weren't as lucky to make it into these pictures because, erm, well, they got eaten).

Anne knows me very well. Aren't those knitted slippers with crochet accents amazing

Here's a little taste from home (although not really a taste, because it's soap). Isn't the little wax decal lovely? I really like the colour combinations here.

Here's a glimpse of some knittery items she included in my Box of Treasures. You've seen that hat and glove before in this post . I've already used the tape measure and the knitting needle gauge measurer, and the yarn (the beautiful yarn!) is being saved up for a Very Special Project. 

These buttons are made from coconut shells. I couldn't believe it either. I already know exactly what I'm planning for these too, but for now, they're on display as a bit of inspiration in my project box. 

... and just to add a splash of colour, here are some spring-themed serviettes, pretty princess cake toppers (my favourite ones out of the four in the box) and some floral cupcake cases. I've been saving these for a Very Special Occasion.

That's Not All. There are a few things I've left out, but I can't possibly leave out these two cheery cupcakes! They are stuffed felt cupcakes that sit on my desk next to my computer monitor. It all looks a bit green in this  corner but the walls are really not as lime as that. The funky beaded lamp thingy is also from Anne, and it looks really amazing when you switch the light up - the glass beads in blue and green pick up on the light and reflect it in amongst the copper wires. It's really very clever. 

Did you notice the Paris Book? 

It's my birthday next month and guess where we're going to celebrate...

Ah, back to Anne. Some time ago she gave me another really special 'engagement' gift that was something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 

Something old: a copy of one of Anne's mother's favourite recipe books. This is really special to me, and it is  pride-of-place on my bookshelf. 
Something borrowed: Anne's own Peter Rabbit book from her childhood. This is next to the cookbook from the 'something old' on my shelf. 
Something blue: A really really nice La Creuset blue apron with matching blue silicon spatula. 
Something new: I didn't leave it to last by accident. Anne gave me Cath Kidston's Stitch! book.

We discovered a few years ago that we shared a love of cross-stitch and both had no idea how to do it. We  were both collecting cross-stitch magazines and patterns with the vague intention of learning how to do it one day. 

And this book, Stitch!, was the perfect starting place. It gives you a break-down of all of the 'how-to' stitches and bits and bobs that you need to get started. And, it also includes everything you need to make the project on the front cover. Do you see how the back of the purse is already branded with the CK label?

My something new was not just a new stitching case (which will get sewn up together very soon!) but it was also a new skill. See the picture above? That's my stitching! I learnt how to cross stitch and I did it! Ta da! You can tell, I'm very pleased with myself. 

You stitch the rose motif directly onto the fabric using soluble canvas which should, theoretically, disappear or dissolve when you put it into water. The book provides you with simple instructions on how to sew up the purse/pocket either by hand or by sewing machine. 

I ran out of the light pink thread so I had to substitute another one to finish off the last three stitches but I think it's okay; it has that 'homespun' feeling. The scalloped border and corner roses are printed on to the fabric. 

And so, since then, I've been merrily stitching away! My various stitchery projects are not yet finished, but, as soon as they are, I'll take some photographs for the next ta-da!

In other news: we're camping this weekend in Folkestone. It's going to be blustery and chilly and windy, but I've got a knitting project that's going with me, plenty of layers, and an emergency blanket that's already packed into my bag. I hope it will be an internet/mobile-free weekend with plenty of relaxing and lots of finished knitting! See you all next week x

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