Motorcrossery at the O2

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Graeme likes cars. He likes fast cars that are only drivable when they're fitted with a roll-cage and go-fast stickers. So, imagine his delight when he called me to say, 'Don't make any plans this weekend, we're going to the Supercross Championship on Saturday!'


And so we happened upon the O2 in North Greenwich.

You can see this unusual structure from all over the Docklands area - from work, from Canary Wharf where we often shop after work, and of course, very nearly from home as well! It looks like a giant tent but inside the structure is made from solid concrete, bricks, scaffolding and glass. It's hard to believe that it is in fact a temporary structure.

When inside, we sat in a wooden-panelled bar (Union Square, if memory serves me). I felt very uncomfortable about the taxidermy and leather couches, but G rather enjoyed the 'smoking lounge' ambiance.

See? He's completely at home.

As it turns out, the Supercross Championship meant that there were hundreds of very loud motorbikes, quad bikes and steamrollers making their way around a bumpy track of 20,000 tonnes of dirt.

We had particularly good seats - we sat in a VIP box on the top floor of the O2 (G's work has a 'box', which is how he got the tickets, isn't he lucky?) - and we watched these mad men race around and launch off of the ramps.

Do you notice how very small these riders look? It's not because we're far away. Oh no. It's because they're only eight years old.

Yes - EIGHT years old.

And, they're racing motorcross bikes!

The quad bikers had a go at the course. It's quite odd to see these cumbersome vehicles launch into the air, but launch they did!

And, humorously enough, so did the steam rollers. Two of the steam rollers actually had a little race as they rolled the little bumpy ridges on the right hand side of the track.

We met up with some folks from G's work who were happily ordering buckets and buckets of beers, and then, when the event finished around 11pm, we headed home (and they went out clubbing!). Oh how old we are! :D

This is what you see when you're leaving the VIP area of the O2. I love this installation, and I've never seen it any colour other than the standard blue and green hues usually displayed - but, then again, I've never been to an event at the O2 either.

Here it is up-close for you, in case you haven't been to an event at the O2 either. Isn't it striking?

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