Camden Town, or 'Graeme's Worst Nightmare'

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I really love Camden Town. Graeme lovingly describes it as his 'worst nightmare' but he's alright as long as I buy him a cup of coffee and a delicious mozzarella baked croissant from Pret.

Back to Camden Town.

It's vibrant and exciting, it never rains but it pours, it's filled with characters - people who aren't the every-day bankers we see every day - but real people who dress the way they feel in 'hippie' clothes, comfortable clothes or just mix-and-match with purple hair, doc martens, hemp clothing and bizarre piercings.

And the shops! Oh, the shops. They're spectacular.

The shop-fronts are all works of art, neatly and beautifully decorated to attract your attention and convince you that their wares are far more fabulous than those of any other shop. Aren't you far more likely to go into this Chinese restaurant than your local one, only because it has an amazing artwork above it?

Yes, I thought so too.

Here's another shop. I think it's a health food store, but I couldn't be sure. (I zoomed into the picture, it's a cafe and bar; on the right, a shop that sells body jewellery.)

If that's not enough, the whole town is filled with beautiful markets selling millions of things you really don't need, but really want. There are amazing shops filled with antiques, books, clothes, tattooists, hats, decor, and  junk.

See? You don't want it, but, now that you've seen it, you can find somewhere in your home to put it, can't you? Of course, if this isn't up your street, why not find yourself wandering in amongst the million jewellery stores in the Camden Lock Market, or through the gorgeous stores along side the canal? I'm certain there'll be something to tempt every taste.

Speaking of taste: this is a small glimpse of the 'food hall' near the Stables Market. It was really very busy and Graeme was huffing and puffing, reminding me how very much he doesn't like crowds.

Here's a very tempting seating area for a Moroccan restaurant, isn't it beautiful? I told Graeme that I'd love to have this as our lounge in our home, and he said, 'We're going to have a clash, aren't we?'. I think he's just reacting to the crowds.

See the giant Zulu warrior? That's the entrance to Shaka Zulu, a South African night club/restaurant. We haven't been yet, but now we may be tempted (if only to see the other giant Zulu warriors).

And, speaking of giant sculptures, the Stables Market is filled with art tributes to the heritage of the Stables. It's beautiful walking around a town that embraces art, sculpture and expressions like this.

Here are some more horses for your viewing pleasure. These are gilded; the ones on the other side of the arch are deep brass. They are all over the Stables Market, and some have been decorated by local shop/stall owners to display their goods (my personal favourite was a bold horse statue decorated with hair extensions in luminous colours). Unfortunately you are not permitted to take photographs, however much you may want to.

This robot marks the entrance to Cyberdog, a clubfusion clothing shop - for all your luminous clubwear needs!

I leave you with this woman. She's a pillar holding up a awning in the food hall area. She's one of about twenty such statues (four to an awning); doesn't she look so patient? I like her very much. Each one is different. Perhaps next time I shall do a study of each and present them to you in a nice photographic essay. Perhaps.

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