As Pretty as a Princess

Monday, June 05, 2017

Here's a photo just to make you chuckle 😊 We attended the Southend Festival on Bank Holiday Weekend and it was loads of work - prepping, wrapping, setting up, chatting, selling. Ah it's a tough life. 

It's not all work and no play though; we took every opportunity to chat to our market neighbours, go walking about and even hobnob with real-life Disney Princesses! They had the most marvellous hand gestures and mannerisms (just look at Cinderella's Disney-esque pose and elegant hand!), and were one of the many performers at the event over the weekend. I did wonder briefly about making adult-sized princess dresses with added poof but I'm not sure that it's socially acceptable to dress up like this in everyday public situations? But perhaps if I start now, I'd get something finished in time for Isla's birthday next year. It's still cool when your mom dresses up for your party, right?

Working events like this is thoroughly exhausting work. We enjoyed it - and absolutely loved meeting our customers in person - but I'm very pleased to say that we don't have any more three-day festivals planned for this year! I'm so appreciative for all of the good company and excellent help that we had to help pull this off. We have loads of events planned for June and July, but I'm hoping there's a bit of quiet time in August. Ooh, an actual weekend. With actual weekend activities. Maybe even some sewing! #princess

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