Chicky chick; is it Easter Yet?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I have such aspirations to do things like unpack boxes (Gasp! Can you believe I still have boxes hidden away from when we moved in May of last year?), tidy up the house, maybe look at that growing pile of mending/alterations/to-dos that seems to get bigger every week...

... but no. Instead, I make ridiculously lovely things that fill my heart with glee and make me chuckle whenever I see them. Chick Easter Tea Cosy? Oh yes. I need that. Work can wait, surely.

I rather like this knitting pattern. It's quick and easy and very satisfying. The feather pattern knits up quickly and I got to use lots of leftover yarn from the Carousel CAL (which I must admit still needs a border but it is draped so nicely over a chair that I daren't disturb it, really.).

The pattern is from Simply Knitting, issue 157. I didn't fold under the ribbing as instructed because I have a very tall (but very lovely) tea pot and this didn't quite stretch to keep it all cosy.

I maybe might have sort of possibly caught the Easter Craft bug and am zipping through bunny cut outs with Isla and delving into pom pom stashes everywhere to add fluffy tails. That's just how we roll hop.

In other news, the plasterer has been working hard on our front room and it promises to be done tomorrow (tomorrow!!) and I'm so overly smitten with delight that I have to stop myself from skipping around the house. We've been staring at stripped bare, glue-covered walls for too long!

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  1. Your delightful Chick Tea Cozy brought a smile and a chuckle when I saw it this morning. My quest for today will to find a copy of the pattern since its a "must have"!

  2. It's a while I have commented last time. Life has been very busy at the moment with new job (b&b instead of biology lab!), almost one-year-old baby already running around, a very stubborn and lovely two and a half-year old to follow in her jumps, runs, paintings, talkings etc and of course a lovely husband to love!

    I'm glad your operation was fine and you stop suffering when eating. I admire you because you manage to do all this lovely things while being mum, wife, woman at the same time! On the 12th of april I have an exam (for the b&b...burocracy!) and then my goal is to reproduce the kitten of last post and finish a blanket that was due in december!!

    How are your babies doing?


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