Bah-Bunny Crochet Baby Toy

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thanks to 3am baby feeds, I get to spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at amazing things I could be making if I had a few moments to myself. Like this bunny from - a free pattern that keeps popping up on Pinterest. I really like the colours and his cheerful face, it's an ideal textural baby toy for little Finnlay.

I'm determined to make some of the things I'm pinning away for a rainy day. There's no "free time" anymore, but sometimes (rarely) I find myself in a rare moment of quiet when both children sleep simultaneously and the dishes can just wait. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I take full advantage.

This pattern is ideal: you can pick it up and put it down without losing your place, and the amigurumi construction is so simple. I imagined that it'd be around 10cm tall but as I worked up the rows, it grew and grew and grew...

... and grew some more. Until Finnlay's bunny was nearly the same size as he is.

I really like it. Isla likes it more, and calls it Bah. She tucks it under her arm and takes it for walks around the house. This poor boy is going to have to fight to get his toys back when he's big enough to know.

The yarn is Drops Love You 5 cotton which is quite a solid yarn, albeit a bit splitty to work with. It is only 80p a 50g ball so you can't really complain! I love the earthy colours it comes in, and it is really easy to work with if you're aware of the splittiness and make sure that you get all of the strands under your hook to work a stitch. I didn't think about this at first and had to pull out a few rows to tidy things up, but if you're not too fussy then that probably isn't necessary.

I used a 4mm hook for the yarn, but of course a smaller hook and thinner yarn would result in a much more sensibly-sized toy. I really like the feel of this yarn - it's interesting to touch for little hands, and holds its shape well. I also love that it is recycled which makes me feel better about buying new yarn. It used up a bit more than I expected it to - 50g of each colour - so one ear is "beige" (which is a lovely stone colour) and the other is yellow. I used a bit of merino wool felt for the white eye.

Pinterest win!

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