Giant pom pom hat

Monday, March 09, 2015


... everyone needs a giant pom pom hat
... I needed an excuse to make a giant pom pom with my * new * pom pom makers
... I am trying to clear out all the stuff in the house, which includes a very healthy selection of beautiful yarns and this oh-so-wonderful soft merino

... and mostly because this cute baby head needed a cute baby hat to match. Aww.

We wrap up warmly and layer up the blankets before heading out for walkies. We walk here, we walk there, and everywhere we walk we get lots of compliments about the giantness of the fluffy pom pom and the cuteness of the baby. I'm a little biased about that, of course.

This is the pattern for the Classic Cuffed Hat from the Purl Bee blog, knitted in baby size. I added a little more length to the cuffed ribbing, and used the largest size Clover Pom Pom maker for an oversized addition to the top.

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  1. Oh that top photo, with the two little bubbles, and the eyes almost as big as that pompom... squeeeee!


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