R is for Rainy Days

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Oh it was so nice having a bank holiday this week. I'm still quite sick (ah the joys of pregnancy, they say) so I had a rather lazy weekend on the couch, in bed, in the sun. And then, all of a sudden-ly, it started to rain.

It's still lovely and bright outside, but the rain is glip-glopping on the pavement outside the windows and everything inside becomes hazy and snug and warm. It's quilt weather.

F is for fairy lights

Because nothing is nicer on a rainy day than sitting inside, with fairy lights lighting up lanterns, candle holders and other cheery knick knacks. We made an impromptu trip to IKEA on Monday for an emergency TV stand, and came back with a selection of battery-powered fairy lights. Also, a tv stand which required an awful lot of building. I supervised from bed and read out the instructions.

U is for Unicorns

Unicorns, and sparkly purple fabrics. Lots of late-night tracing, cutting, ironing and more cutting. Making good progress on the remaining animals - only four more sets to go. Then I need to assemble them, measure out the backing, and iron them on. Then lots and lots of free motion quilting. No pressure.

X is for X-Ray Fish

X-ray fish are grey and black, and you can see their stitched skeleton as they swim by. They also have awfully funny faces with big white eyes, but those are still in progress.

T is for Turtles

The most fiddly of all the applique shapes! Each piece needs to be traced, then cut, then ironed on to fabric, then cut again. PAIN. The acid green shell makes me happy, though, and the batik green seems rather appropriate for turtley appendages.

M is for Messy

That's my sewing table, and it is absolutely covered from end to end with bits and pieces of colourful fabric. You never know when you might need a bit of yellow for Yaks, or a touch of orange for Vultures. Choosing fabrics is half the fun.

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  1. I can't wait to see the quilt you're making, it's such a fabulous design. Are all the pieces stitched in place before quilting?

    1. Yes - they're on bondaweb, so they're fused on, then outlined in free motion quilting in a matching colour. The pattern has this unusual thing where you apply two layers of wadding, then cut away one layer around each shape (it's like reverse trapunto I think) so you do that before quilting. x


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