A little bit of Cambridge

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The sun has come out and everything has really slowed down here. People are out on the greens, the skies are mostly blue, and every now and then we have a lovely sunny day that reminds us that spring is indeed on its way.

And it really is.

Cambridge is one of those places that has been on my "must see" list for years. Ever since my first year of university, daydreaming about the magical campuses of Oxford and Cambridge in the faraway lands of England's towns. I never once thought I'd live just a short afternoon drive away.

It is very beautiful. There are spires and turrets and cobbled walkways. Markets, buskers, colourful wares for sale. We walked a bit. Admired a lot. Were tempted by posters advertising everything from performances of Plato to night-time readings of Roald Dahl.

And there were lots and lots of bicycles.

Some humorous literature outside a little wine shop selling South African wines. Did you know?

And finally, a picnic on the river, watching the boats, canoes and kayaks go past. A lazy snooze in the afternoon sun. For a moment, I even took off my coat and it very nearly felt like summer.

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