Pretty Potholders

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another project, ticked off the to-do list. This time, two "pretty potholders" I made using NanaCompany's tutorial (here).

I've been making these in stages, a little at a time after work: first, the cutting out of fabric. Then, a few days later, the wadding and the InsulBright. Then, the ruffles, the quilted panels and the pinning. So many pins. Then, the binding. I hand-sewed the binding on the reverse instead of machine-stitching, so it took a little while longer.

My favourite thing about these two quite-different-but-the-same potholders is the details. 

Ruffles, zig zag stitching, puffy square quilting.

A postage-stamp heart.

A charming French label.

Quilted lines, first measured, then drawn in disappearing cross-stitch markers, then stitched. Perfectly square.

And finally, done.

Making gifts for people is always a gamble. Will they love them as much as you do? Will they appreciate how much effort went into every stitch, every fabric piece? I think so.

I've been awful with birthday presents this year, everything has been late - but I'll get there. It's been a funny sort of year, 2013. With only two weeks left in December, I'm spending a lot of time wrapping up - projects, ideas, work. 2014 is already alive with possibilities and energy. It's going to be good.

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  1. Yes it is a gamble. It takes time and $$ to produce something hand made. we seem to be in such a mass production economy that to make something hand made like pot holders seems too simple, but yet I know it is hard.
    I would love it if I had them! might not even use them! I'm in PJ bottom hell right now, mostly bc I can't seem to get them cut out or sewn. Maybe next week.

    1. They took hours, but I really loved the way they looked in the end. Isn’t it strange how handmade things cost so much more than store-bought? But you’re right – they’re infinitely nicer, always. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence :)

      Hope you managed to get your PJ bottoms cut out this weekend, sounds like you’re going to be doing a bit of a production line! xx

  2. So adorable! Love those labels. They add just the right touch!


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