Ruffles, Frills and Floral Prints

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

... because that's what little girls are made of.

This weekend, I sewed. I worked on a top-secret testing project for a lovely blogger who has asked me to test a pattern. I finished up some outstanding projects. I very nearly finished my shirt. And, I ruffled.

I've been sewing up Ruffle Butt diaper covers for expectant mamas - two here, two there. Why is everyone having twins? Double the sewing! I used See Kate Sew's pattern for her Ruffle Diaper Covers (a great size for brand new little ones!) and Dana Made It's much simpler instructions for getting a great ruffle without any fiddly and uncomfortable bias tape. I'm going to try out Dana's slightly bigger pattern size for an older girl and keep the ruffles in layers on the back of the diaper cover.

It's really difficult keeping track of words in a new country where customs and speech patterns are different. In South Africa, we call them nappies, not "diapers"; though the term diaper cover flows better than nappy covers. It's like "cookies"; at home, they're cupcakes. Here, they're biscuits.

Anyway. Here are two almost-completed ruffle covers. The floral prints are for two little girls who arrived nearly two months early! I'll put in the leg elastic this weekend and then they're done.

These are really quick and simple to sew up. You just need to make sure that you have everything out and ready for sewing before you start; you definitely don't want to have your elastic in the bottom of a box (which is under a box) that hasn't yet been unpacked. Harrumph.

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  1. Hello!
    How will Stacey?!
    What beautiful fabrics! when my son was small I loved dinosaurs!
    Now it has 11 years, and who still likes dinosaurs Me!
    Kiss and great week for you!

  2. Very pretty. My mum sometimes used to make me matching knickers when she made me frocks. Now there's a thought for the future...

    PS It's nappy here too. Is your pattern aimed at the US market?

  3. they are going to be so sweet! but we call them nappies, not diapers in England. I'm not even sure all English people would know what a diaper is.


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