Taking stock

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hobbycraft has a 3 for 2 sale on yarn. I happened to go past it last weekend, and found myself walking out with a bag of beautiful yarns. We have a rule in our house: nothing comes in until something is used or goes out. I think I've done enough knitting in the past few weeks to warrant a knitty stock replenish!

I chose these colours for a very specific project: Debbie Bliss's Fair Isle Baby Cardigan. I'm knitting it in duck egg cashmerino, with cream, apple, purple and blue fair isle patterning. The Rowan Alpaca Cotton was an impulse buy because, well, really, it's Alpaca. And super soft.

And so. We're off camping for the weekend to the White Cliffs of Dover. It is supposed to snow, and sleet, and be generally rather quite cold. I'm putting on a brave face.

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