Wednesday WIP: Garden Party Quilt

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

This weekend was the first time that we didn't have visitors staying, we didn't have any guests popping in for dinner or tea, and we didn't have any immediate plans. In fact, it was the nicest kind of weekend: just the two of us, at home, with a pot of home-made vegetable soup, a loaf of bread straight out of the oven, and a whole lot of sewing (for me, anyway).

I really enjoy working on big projects, but they do tend to take over your living spaces. This happened in our lounge, where the spare couch became a working table, the coffee table became a sewing table, and the floor became a giant cutting mat. 

We watched a movie, and I quilted in the ditch along the large squares in the body of the quilt.

A few hours later (and a few movies later, too) I had almost finished free motion quilting the border. I used a leafy border stencil (bought at the Festival of Quilts, last year) to loosely pencil the design onto the white border, and then just sat down and stitched. It ended up being very loose and free with mostly-consistent stitches, so I'm pleased that my free motion practise has paid off! It's not really visible in this image, but once I've tidied up the bazillion loose threads, I'll take a few nice photos in sunlight.

I also made a continuous length of binding (8 metres long!) for the border of the quilt, and so far I've attached it around three quarters of the quilt. The only thing that's left is to press it over to the other side and hand-stitch in place.

It's all looking very cosy, and has already been claimed as a "lap quilt" for the couch. There are A LOT of threads that need to be tidied up, so the couch may have to wait a while yet.

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