The EEWI at the Museum of Childhood

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The EEWI ladies did another round of cake-baking last weekend. I baked and baked and baked - and worried that I hadn't quite baked enough, I baked some more.

And then: disaster. My baking powder (horrors upon horrors!) was a no-go. That means that it didn't work. That means that I had a lot of flat cakes and brownies.

So, I baked again.

Before I knew it, we were at the Museum of Childhood on a rainy Sunday morning, stringing bunting up around all of the available spaces and stacking cakes upon cakes on the most beautiful little cake stands.

Here are Elizabeth and Niki on the morning shift. Doesn't it all look festive? I didn't have a proper look around the venue (The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green) but from what I saw, it looked amazing. Definitely going to have to go back when there are fewer summer festivals and market stalls.

We were supposed to be outside but the rain had prevented us from setting up shop. To make up for it, Niki brought along some of her potted plants to bring "the outside in".

My crunchies were delicious, even if I do say so myself! This time I put the chocolate topping on while they were still very hot and it all soaked in to create a layer of chocolate fudgey deliciousness.

Niki's patriotic fairy cakes were fabulous in their red, white and blue. Even the paper cases had little red soldiers and London buses on them!

Niki also made these lemon and courgette buns. The sweets on top remind me of the "oranges and lemons" sugar slice sweets we used to get when we were little - they were such a treat, and I haven't seen them in years!

What would be an EEWI bake sale without Colleen's ever popular flake-topped cupcakes? These sold out very quickly! I love the blue cases on the blue polka dot cake stand.

These are my "bunny garden" cupcakes. I made them half-sized for small people. I also topped some of them with fudge and with pink and white pearls.

This is Elizabeth's all-in-one Lemon Curd Cake. It is delicious. It sold out very quickly, so that's definitely one we'll have to bring back at the next bake sale.

I thought this was a lovely idea - Colleen's small chocolate cupcakes topped with rocky road. Yum.

I had a really good look through all of the EEWI canvas bags on sale this weekend. Some of them are particularly beautiful! They're the perfect "book bag" size which fits in a good book and a bit of knitting for train journeys.

While we were there we saw another popular local market-seller: Miwary. She hand-sews the most beautiful little things like bunnies, brooches and a line of fabric tea cups. Thanks to Elizabeth for the recommendation!

Here's one of her pretty fabric tea cups (website here). Aren't they lovely?

I'm all baked out now. We're off to visit family on Friday night so I'm looking forward to a baking-free weekend (who would ever think I'd be saying that?) filled with a lot of catching up on lazy afternoons of reading and as little proper work as possible.

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