The EEWI strikes again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I chuckle every time I see the East End Women's Institute abbreviation: EEWI. It's a long story, but basically - you say it 'ee-wee'. And that rhymes with 'she-wee'. And that, dear bloggy readers, is a funny story that goes way back to The Aunt Who Does Not Like Camping who invented the 'tee-pee' - a wraparound canvas shield that prevents people from seeing you if you need to piddle in a hurry and you're shy. Mostly for campers and road-trippers, the teepee was an ingenious invention that dealt with the less savoury aspects of The Lack of Public Toilets when out and about.

But I digress. Again.

The EEWI strikes again! Come to think of it, they strike fairly regularly, delivering delicious baked goods to those in need in the East End of London Town. They strike with brownies and bakes, lemon drizzle cakes and chocolate courgette creations. I partake in this cakey tomfoolery (naysay! "Hard Work" is more apt!) as often as I can. The title, then, should read, "The EEWI [with Stacey on Team] strikes once again".

We were at Stepney Green Park celebrating the arrival of the Olympic Torch. The locals gathered in their masses for a day of celebrations, shows and activities - and, of course, tea and cake.

These are my summery cupcakes with edible rice paper bunnies.

And my vanilla cupcakes with fudge topping. Mm, Fudge.

These are my chocolate-covered crunchies which are a South African treat. Who knew that they were only South African? Ha! They are similar to flapjacks, but they're more solid - and are filled with delicious goodies like wholegrain oats, coconut, dates and walnuts. You can add anything you like, like raisins and cherries - but I like dates and walnuts. Best of all, they're eggless and Low GI.

There were some incredible contributions from the other bakers - lemon cake with lemon icing in generously-sized slices.

Colleen's famous strawberry-topped cupcakes.

Diane's extraordinary cherry cupcakes (with jam).

Chocolate kisses, anyone?

Here's the team that made it happen! Diane, Elizabeth, Karen and Colleen. Oh, and me - I'm holding the camera.

Just in case you didn't believe me - that's me on the left. Thanks to Diane and her iPhone for this photo! And an extra special thanks to Graeme, aka Mr Bakercourt, for carrying the cupcakes, putting up the bags and fetching the sugar. Phew.

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  1. Can't believe I didn't try any of those chocolate covered crunchies. My problem is I get a bit caked out after all the baking, but the next day I realise just what I've missed!

    Love those snaps of the EEWI ladies. And thanks again to Graeme for the sugar (oh, the shame!)

  2. I've already promised Elizabeth that I'll bring some to our coffee morning at her place, so there'll be lots of opportunity! x


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