East End W.I. Bake Sale at Spitalfields

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do you remember me telling you all about the late-night baking I did for the W.I. stall at Spitalfields Market for International Women's Day?


We all met up very early at Liverpool Street's Spitalfield Market in Ye Olde London Town. I drank coffee and oohed and ahhed at the bunting, and Veronika and Colleen did all the hard work setting up. I did make some doily-edged, rather-pretty price tags though.

This is Colleen. She blogs over at rus in ubris and she's also the head honcho over at the East End W.I. Honcho, in a really feminine, elegant and lovely way.

This is Veronika. Here's she organising the bunting whilst simultaneously demonstrating the benefits of laughter yoga (which you can see on the piece of paper if you look oh-so-closely).

Unfortunately at this time my camera-eating battery ran out of juice - but luckily Colleen was prepared so I've borrowed one or two of her pictures from the Facebook Page (and it would be oh-so nice of you to pop over and like it, while we're on the topic) so here they are.

Look at all the delicious things! Right there in front are delicious parmesan, chives and feta muffins which were particularly delicious.

This is a close-up. Yum. At the top there are my baked offerings: spicy carrot muffins with vanilla buttercream icing with a sugarpaste carrot, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing with honeycomb sprinkles. I completely forgot to photograph them before leaving home in the morning, so this'll have to do!

I worked the morning shift and then had to rush back home to carry on working (it has been a very demanding week so far) but I hear that it went well and we had very few tasty treats left over. Also, before I finish up here, you should definitely check out the recipe for Veronika's Herman the German Sourdough Friendship Cake!

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