Booties for Baby Agnew

Monday, January 09, 2012

I first saw the pattern for these Baby Ugg Booties a few months back on Let's Knit Magazine's pattern archive. They're really cute, and would make the perfect gift for the latest addition to our circle of friends: Baby Tyler Agnew. 

I made the 'Blake' version of the baby booties in a really soft Twilley tweedy yarn that blends deep brown and greys, with bits of brown, black and cream. How trendy. You can find the pattern here, although you do have to sign up. It's worth it though, they update their free patterns section fairly regularly with nice makes.

I changed the pattern slightly, opting for traditional rib rather than Fisherman's Rib stitch. Essentially, you make four boots and sew each piece to its stockingette stitch counterpart to create a very soft, very cosy boot that is extra warm. There is also added wadding in each sole which adds insulation and cushioning, and all of the joins are on the outside to make sure that they're super soft inside.

These took me about three days to make, knitting and joining in the evenings, and I finally sewed all the pieces together this weekend which took about three hours. The front flap is secured to the side of the boot, and the additional wood button (which I love) is all the way from The Americas, from one of my favourite Etsy shops: TheHickoryTree.

We look forward to meeting you, Tyler! And, I hope you love these as much as I loved making them. x

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  1. Oh how cute! You've done a beautiful job on these Stacey...I'm sure baby Tyler will look adorable in them :)

  2. Those are AMAZING! and the buttons...tré cool.

  3. How adorable...perfect for the Wintery UK weather.

  4. Hi im Jade & currently *trying* to attempt the Ozzie pattern! you have done an amazing job and it looks far better then the blake pattern! i was wondering though if you could email me explaining how to start the sole as i am really confused about increasing stitches. (Im more of a scarf making person but HAD to try these!!) In urgent help at the moment! my email is Please help me!!

  5. Hi Jade - so sorry for only seeing your comment now! Emailing you as we speak... x


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