Cape Town in Photos: Food!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perhaps one of the things I love most about being home is being amongst people who love food. Not just my family, mind you, but South Africans in general. Everything happens around food: we socialise at food events like braais or afternoon teas, we get together for family dinners, and we dine at each other's houses with food that would make Come Dine With Me contestants weep. So, while we're on the topic, I thought I'd show you what I was spoilt with. Oh come on, just a little:

Delicious Greek baklava dripping in syrupy goodness and flaky phyllo pastry, baked and served by my aunt Robyn.

Another of Robyn's signature carrot cakes with cream cheese/lemon frosting and nuts.

Chocolate Sponge Cake topped with chocolate rolls and white chocolate detail served at High Tea (it's an amazing coffee shop here).

There were cheesecakes and my mom's amazing chiffon cake, birthday cakes and cupcakes, home-baked biscuits and breads and not to mention the Thai Green Curry, Mexican Sweet Potato Crisps, South African burgers, Jamie Oliver's Satay Chicken and Lauriane's home-baked lasagne! There was all of this food happening and I was 9000km away from my kitchen! Ah well - I'm back now, and I'm completely inspired to cook up a storm. I hope you're ready for photographs!

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  1. Get behind me satan!!! LOL gosh, it looks scrummy xxx

  2. Haha, yes - it was all really amazing! I've already overworked my Kenwood mixer in an attempt to get back into the swing of things ;) x

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