Candy Cakes: cupcakes and cakes fit for Walt Disney's Birthday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Candy Cakes is a London-based cake store serving up luminous candy-topped cakes and cupcakes out of a green-and-pink shop. There are a few of them out there, but we went to the Covent Garden branch which I spied on one of my first sightseeing outings of the local area and have been wanting to visit again ever since. 

The shop itself is very small with a dark pastel green and deep pink colour scheme. Inside, it's all pink-and-green with luminous cakes on display. They serve up toasted sandwiches and milkshakes, and they're rather popular with their cake display that takes up the entire front window area. I wanted to photograph it, but unfortunately there were a number of people hovering and I didn't have the energy to clamour around when I could just walk right in and buy my own Candy Cake to take home. 

Which I did. 

Atop the counter at exactly eye-level is a selection of dessert-themed cakes. They're really quite large, much larger than the (cheaper) cupcakes below and they completely hold your attention from the moment you walk in with their brash pinks, blues, yellows and greens.

I chose a yellow one. It was a "lemon meringue" offering, and it came neatly wrapped in a transparent packet with bright pink Candy Cake logos all over it: perfect. For £3.50, I was expecting a mind-blowing, amazing, lemon-bursting kind of cake.

Well, even if it wasn't all those things, it was covered in miniature Smarties so it couldn't be all bad. 

Yum. It was a giant cupcake - more akin to a small cake than to a cupcake proper. And the most surprising thing? I was expecting lemon-flavoured sponge topped with lemon-flavoured icing to complete the 'lemon meringue' name - but it wasn't.

The icing was flavoured yellow, which is to say that it wasn't lemony, and the sponge was a poppy-seed sponge only faintly lemony. It was rather nice. Inside, though, there was a dollop of lemon curd (ah! That's why it's 'lemon meringue') which appeared to have been baked in because it had sort of fused into the surrounding sponge. 

The cake itself was quite tasty, although I left behind most of the icing (and about a third of the cake, too). I think that if you're going to be bold and try one of the prettily-decorated-but-screaming-in-colour cakes, you really should be very bold and choose something a bit more unusual. It was satisfying in a cakey way, but I would prefer a thick buttercream (available in cupcake variants) or at least a more lemony icing. I think, though, that as far as London goes, £3.50 for a small cake isn't all bad. 

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  1. They certainly are extremely brightly-coloured!

  2. I know! It's like visiting Willy Wonka's factory when you go to a Candy cakes :)

  3. I'm more into delicate, pretty cupcakes myself :) Thanks so much for visiting me...and I think you should DEFINITELY keep adding to your Moda's a hobby in itself!

  4. I love delicate cupcakes too - especially the kind with pastel buttercream, edible glitter and pretty filigree cupcake cases. I think cupcakes should look too nice to eat, and then they taste EXTRA nice. Yum!


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