February Lady Sweater - an Ode to Elizabeth Zimmerman

Friday, May 06, 2011

Warning: contains enormous amounts of knittery glee.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, the mother of modern-day knitting, wrote a life-changing series of knitting books answering all the knittery woes of every-day people. That's probably why she had such a following during her lifetime, and it's also probably why she has such a large following now. It's also probably why Pamela Wynne, Ravelry Member, has adapted the famous February Baby Sweater to a grown-up version that fits real people in real sizes! Hurrah! That's also probably why there are no fewer than 10,823 Ravelry members happily stitching up a storm so they can each have their very own pretty February Lady Sweater. Just saying. That's too many probablys to take for granted.

And so, I started knitting too. How can you just ignore an iconic cultural movement like this? Plus, it's pretty. I'm not very far, but that's mostly because the maths in the pattern is a little wonky from time to time when you're knitting the increased sizes (entirely my fault for not reading the edited notes added on to Wynne's site). 
So here we are:

I've got one teeny tiny confession to make: there's an ugly row in the button band. Can you see it? It's where I accidentally got over-zealous and knitted purl instead of plain. I only realised two rows down and I couldn't bear to rip the stitches out: that gull lace pattern is rather complex for a beginner knitter! So, if anybody asks, it's part of the pattern. Don't tell anyone.

This is a close-up of the gull lace pattern as it knits itself up over seven stitches and four rows. I had to mark off every seven stitches with a stitch marker (in this case, a loop of luminous pink wool) so that I didn't lose the pattern. Isn't this yarn wonderful? It changes colour in the light. This is the colour I thought it would be when I ordered it online (you'll remember my whining about it in this earlier blog post)... it's the 'daylight' variant of the yarn. 
This is my favourite bit of the project: the beee-yoo-tiful Hickory Tree buttons that have arrived all the way from Michigan, USA, to be a part of this project. I'm such a slow knitter but I get much delight from watching it unfold exactly as I thought it would. Yay.

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  1. That is so so sweet!!! A really lovely thing. I think the 'adaption' to the pattern is fine and works because it is under the buttons. Lovely xx

  2. Thanks :) I'll just smile nonchalantly when people point it out... if they notice. Apparently I'm a very self-conscious knitter :D


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