We don't drink pink drinks, Dave.

Friday, November 12, 2010

We couldn't leave without a bit more Banana Jamming, so we went for happy hour cocktails and met up with everyone who could make it on time.

Mmm volcanoes! Here's Lobke, Jordan, Lauriane and Kerry. I must say, everybody looks so healthy and happy even though there's so much going on. Lobke is almost Mrs Minter! We're counting down the days...

Here's G, Dylan and Marc sipping on their beers (completely contrary to our delicious pink-and-white drinks, Louis Gossett Jr.)

Here's Missus Minter-to-be. What a nice picture!

... and a really lovely picture of Jordan as well!

Afterwards we went to Burruso's for pizzzzza and, above, flambe peach and banana. I really appreciate that our waiter put on a fireman's hat for the performance. 


It was far too alcoholic, but it was excellent showmanship. I ate the peaches, mm. 

We all just ignored the fact that we wouldn't see each other for another year; very practical. 

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